Phoenix will provide design and engineering assistance for your architectural and construction projects.

Provide recommendations and layout design for attic addition and additional bracing for residential home

Design wall mounting system and support structure for storefront sign for retail mall location

Provide design expertise and detailed drawings for lighting display system structures for retail location

Design and layout steel flooring system for residential home

Provide design expertise and detailed drawings for an architectural spire on an emergency care facility

Design, layout, and provide drafting services for residential homes

Provide onsite observation services for property acquisition company

Design, analyze, and provide fabrication drawings for a football field billboard

Provide design expertise and detailed drawings for architectural trellis systems

Determine connection methods and design architectural fins for high rise building

Provide root cause recommendations for residential porch collapse

Provide foundation design and recommendations for residential structure

Determine layout of multi-story garage / office and provide engineering design drawings for foundation and structure

Provide review and approval for architectural fountain systems

Provide structural design for pits and pump / equipment vaults

Provide onsite services and recommendations

Assist with approval / DOH forms

Provide water meter / supply calculations and recommendations