We offer practical engineering solutions and strive to build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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Phoenix has the capability to help with your industrial and manufacturing products, facilities, and processes.

  • Design, analyze, and provide fabrication drawings and expertise

    • roller machine platforms for packaging facility
    • cylinder rack system for press operations
    • roof access structure for manufacturing plant
    • loading platform support structure for mixing operation
    • vessel platforms for refinery facility
    • rail car unloading support structure for boiler operation
    • roll barricade system for paper mill
    • equipment platform for sorting machinery
    • low temperature vessel support structure for refinery facility
    • crane rail extension for kiln operation
  • Design and integrate a steel platform system to support a multilevel mixing operation into an existing facility

  • Provide manufacturing engineering expertise (welding, fixturing, assembly, processes, documentation)

  • Analyze the loading and support for a roll shrinkwrap loading station

  • Provide redesign for paper machine upender support structure

  • Determine load capability and feasibility of support for crane rail system

  • Inspect and provide recommendations and repair details for a structural steel support system for process equipment

  • Analyze and spec gearbox for conveyor system

  • Provide onsite expertise for structural steel connection installation

  • Evaluate and provide mounting and installation information for dryer can braking system

  • Provide solid modeling, shop drawings, and drafting services

    • large scale construction gates for electric power facility
    • equipment shelter for power plant
    • plant / equipment layout for food processing industry
    • dxf / flat patterns for formed sheet metal equipment covers and components
  • Evaluate manufacturing facility platforms and provide floor ratings

  • Determine alternate methods for packaging system bypass for winder / re-winder

  • Provide onsite plant engineering and project engineering services

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We offer practical engineering solutions and strive to build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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