We offer practical engineering solutions and strive to build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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Phoenix has extensive experience with interior and exterior canopies and awnings of many shapes, sizes, and materials.

  • Design, analyze, and provide fabrication drawings and expertise

    • free standing architectural canopy system for luxury auto dealership
    • entrance canopies for new church construction project
    • new look canopies for national restaurant chain
    • multicurved entrance canopy at an emergency care center
    • storefront awning system for a veterinary building
    • awning system for golf course pro shop
    • large scale canopies and entrance awnings for high rise office building
    • multi-section entry canopy for hospital expansion
    • main canopy for waste water treatment facility
    • entry awnings for parking deck
    • glass canopies for retail / residential village
    • walkway canopy for baggage handling at Atlanta airport
    • hanging glass canopy for residential high rise
    • grand centerpiece canopy for main street park revitalization
  • Provide design expertise and analysis

    • canopy structures located at retail village
    • interior architectural canopy at retail location
    • canopy structure located at banking facility
    • awning system for high rise office building
    • entry canopy for church fellowship hall
    • loading dock canopies for warehouse facilities
  • Provide initial design work for proposed grand entrance canopy for high rise office building

  • Determine alternate connection methods for rollout of new canopies for national retail chain

  • Review canopy systems for high wind and high snow load regions

  • Provide expertise for layout of canopy system at Atlanta airport

  • Inspect, analyze, and provide design assistance for failed canopy / awning systems

  • Provide design of canopy footing systems

  • Analyze a proposed awning system and provide reactions loads and connection design information

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We offer practical engineering solutions and strive to build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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